Crescent Vision


World’s first purpose designed wearable
camera headband for surgeons



The Crescent Vision captures ideal footage which can be used to document crucial steps during surgery for evaluation and confirmation in post-surgery. 



The Crescent Vision lets you experience the surgery through the unique perspective of the surgeons' eyes. This brings you much closer than any other method so there is no need to look over the surgeon's shoulder anymore.



The Crescent Vision can facilitate a two-way audio connection between expert and trainee. This way the camera gives a rich context to the conversation.


Crescent Vision Example Footage

Experience real details and depth

Here you see a raw footage example straight from the Crescent Vision. This footage is shot with our current prototype during a trial on the 35th International Gastroabdominal Surgical Course in Davos, Switzerland together with the Surgery Department of Radboud UMC. The footage is shot at FULL HD and the depth effect is shown by morphing the footage in post-production. 


Get early access

This summer we will give access to our services to a limited number of surgeons who will be the first to use our technology in the field. 

Get free access to the camera
We're not selling our camera yet because we're currently still working on gathering feedback, tweaking features and improving the camera. This is why we are offering early access to the camera in exchange for feedback.

Determine which features get priority
The feedback from our early users will be used to decide which features we will work on and get implemented in the next versions of the camera.  

Only use the material you want
In order to make this program mutually beneficial we decided to apply a contingency fee per surgery. This fee is payable only if there is a favourable result. 

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