Update #13


A fortnightly roundup of steps, insights, presentations and good news regarding the company Crescent Technologies. Update #13

Time for update number 13, it will be a short but powerful one! Click below if you want to see the video update.
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Putting the 'Co' in Co-founder.   
In the past two weeks, Anouk Ruhaak has decided to join Crescent Technologies! She is a brilliant person with a background in software developing, data-journalism, economics, and then some. She knows the product and the vision front to back since we've lived together the past 12 months in Amsterdam where we managed a co-living house and collaborated on many project. 

That's it for this update, but I can't wait to bring you the next updates! As always, if you have any tips/feedback/comments please don't hesitate.


Samy Andary