Update #11


A fortnightly roundup of steps, insights, presentations and good news regarding the company Crescent Vision. Update #11

Proud to bring you the 11th update just in time. The last two weeks have been very exciting since we had a pilot at the LUMC! Click below if you want to see the video update.
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Pilot at LUMC with Incision Academy
Last time I already mentioned thatI received help from a PhD student at the Erasmus MC to carry out a clinical pilot collaboration with her professor and Incision Academy. Well, that's exactly what happened last week at the LUMC. It was super exciting and I hope to be able to share something in the near future. (link)

Crescent at The Next Web
Thanks to the amazing help from the team at Makerversity and Autodesk, I will be able to exhibit Crescent at their stand during The Next Web conference. It's one of the biggest Tech conferences of the Netherlands with over 30.000 visitors. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, come visit me at Area 2. (link)

That's it for this update. As always, if you have any tips/feedback/comments please don't hesitate.

See you soon! 


Samy Andary