Update #10


A fortnightly roundup of steps, insights, presentations and good news regarding the company Crescent Vision. Update #10

Do you recognize that feeling when you push a certain task forward once, it becomes easier and easier to push it further away? Yet, simultaneously, it becomes harder to actually start that task?

Now that completely unrelated topic is off my chest, let's get to the 8 weeks late update. Click below if you want to see the video version.
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Erasmus MC
I got in contact with a brilliant PhD student at the Eramus MC who focusses on modern technology in the healthcare education (Hmm.. rings any bells?). The last few weeks, she's been helping me out to carry out a clinical pilot collaboration with her professor and Incision Academy. (link)

Grant Application
Thanks to an amazing collaborative effort of three large parties, I was able to officially register Crescent Technologies B.V. and apply for the M.I.T Feasibility Study grant last week. A process that normally would take weeks, only took days thanks to the great help of a few individuals at Innovencio, Baker McKenzie and Triodos Bank. (link)

That's it for this update. As always, if you have any tips/feedback/comments please don't hesitate.

See you soon (for real this time)! 


Samy Andary