We are a Group of Engineers with a Passion for Healthcare and Technology, Developing World’s First Wearable Dual-Camera Headband for Surgeons


As Seen on CES 2019

at the Holland Tech Square

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See what the surgeon sees

Our wearable dual-camera headband, the Crescent Vision, captures and shares a unique and complete first person’s perspective. The footage can be watched on a desktop, tablet, smartphone or VR glasses to experience stereoscopic 3D.




The Crescent Vision captures ideal footage which can be used to document crucial steps during surgery for evaluation and confirmation in post-surgery. 



The Crescent Vision lets you experience the surgery through the unique perspective of the surgeons' eyes. This brings you much closer than any other method so there is no need to look over the surgeon's shoulder anymore.



The Crescent Vision can facilitate a two-way audio connection between expert and trainee. This way the camera gives a rich context to the conversation.



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